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High School Guys & Gals Wanted

Senior Photos Class of 2012

If you enjoy being photographed, give us a call to discuss these fun, affordable sessions.  Call 817.410.9975 TODAY to schedule a time to learn more.

Senior Pictures Class of 2012

High School Senior Pictures Class of 2012

crew with carpe vita

School is back in session and Carpe Vita is actively seeking cool (and hot) high school students to join the Carpe Vita Crew.
What do you have to do?  Just be featured in some really fun and unique photography and then share the images with your friends and fellow students.  And parents.  And anyone [...]

senior fun

Back before it got to be too hot (remember that?) Carpe Vita had some fun with a cool group of seniors.  There’s a secret location with lots and lots of old Cadillacs and that made for a very fun afternoon.




After visiting with Rebecca, we learned that one of her passions is awesome independent music.  When we asked for names of artists she enjoys, she said if we know the name of the band then she probably doesn’t like them as much.  So trying to decide where to photograph’s Rebecca’s Signature Session was really easy [...]


Jazmine is one of carpe vita’s crew member.  It has been about a year since we last photographed her and she continues to mature into a lovely young lady.  It is said that the eyes are the connection to one’s soul and what beautiful eyes Jazmine has.
Check back, we’ll be posting more photos from Jazmine’s [...]


We hate to wait til the last minute for senior photography but sometimes that’s all the time there is.  These photos were done around Lloyd’s home in Argyle with just enough time to spare for getting his wallets done for his graduation announcements.


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Copyright Carpe Vita Photography 2008